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With TDI, you can do all of the AJAX updates easily, without writing and debugging your own JavaScript.

Boss Flow »

BOSS Flow is a lightweight Java framework to configure and control workflow as easy as you can imagine.

About Twinstone

Twinstone is a platform for publishing our open source products that may help others with their work. Currently, we provide two "pilot" products: TDI and BossFlow. But there is much more to come soon!

As developers, we daily use a series of products and tools that originate in the Open Source community. In developing our own products, we created several components that help us and we would like to share. We hope that by making them available, we can assist other developers in their work and that they will help us as much as we help them.

We've published our products, not only for use, but also their source codes, to anyone interested in using them and possibly cooperating on their further development.

— Etnetera developers.

Access to tools

Twinstone related tools such as documentation wiki, issue tracker, and source repository are publicly available for reading. Modifications such as adding issue or voting for a issue requires you to register. Once registered, your identity will be shared between all tools.

License & Contribution

Every Twinstone product is covered by open source Apache Licence version 2.0. We welcome new contributors.

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